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patient checkup to avoid heart bypass

Avoid Surgery for removal of stones

ESWL is an equipment to treat urinary stones with rays without surgery.The breaking up of the stones can be seen on the imaging system.

patient checkup to avoid heart bypass

Lithotripsy effective for the treatment of stone

ESWL can usually remove stones from all parts of the urinary tract.

patient checkup to avoid heart bypass

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What is External counter Pulsation?
ECP is a non-surgical, mechanical procedure to reduce the symtoms of angina pectoris by increasing blood flow to the heart. The beneficial effects of ECP presist even after completion of the therapy.
Who will benefit by ECP?
  • Heart patients of Angina (Chest pain) and Myocardial Infraction (Heart Attack):
  •  With failed angioplasty or bypass
  •  Who are not fit for angioplasty or bypass
  •   Who do not benefit by medicines
  •  Who do not want angioplasty or bypass
ECP is also helpful in patients of:
  •  Pain legs due to Peripheral Artery Disease
  •  Renal Hypertension
  •  Cerebral eschaemia affecting memory and mental ability
  •  Chronic Fatigue (Tiredness) Syndrome
How does the patient know that he is better?
Patients feel better and they test better. Patients require less medication, have less frequency and intensity of chest pain and discomfort, breath better and can walk longer distance and faster. Improvement can be confirmed with CCG / and Stress Thallium tests. They have better exercise tolerance, improvement in quality of life and can lead a more active life.
Will Angiography, Cardiovascular Cartography and Stress Thallium show the improvement?
Improvement with ECP can be assessed with Cardiovascular Cartography (CCO) or Stress Thallium as they document the blood flow. Please note that blood flow is not proportionate to the degree of stenosisin blood vessels as is usually presumed. Angiography assesses the patency and stenosis in three big blood vessels and their major branches but is not suitable for visualizing the millions of smaller blood vessels and capillaries. Angiography also does not assess the blood flow to the heart muscle.
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Avoid Bypass Surgery
Avoid Bypass Surgery
No.1 Most Experienced since 1994
No.1 Most  Experienced since 1994
  • I had pain in both knees joints since 4 years with deformity and walked with the aid of walking stick and required pain killer drugs almost daily.
    Mrs.Sheela Devi
  • I had pain in both knees joints since 4 years with deformity.
    Mrs.Sheela Devi